Monday, October 10, 2011

Ive had a bit of a brain shake! ......

....which is what you get when some one slaps you up the side of the head! And I really needed IT! 

I had really been struggling with creating in my art journals, and/or sharen it! For one I don't like to share much about my self,  in case you hadn't noticed LOL and 2., I really felt like what I was creating was shyte!!! with a capitol S!

I was really struggling coz I couldn't create pages like what I saw every one else create! Their pages were fabulous, layered, arty, complex, interesting/amazing and full of insightful information about their lives, their moments, their pain, their joy!

It, the art journaling didn't flow freely for me, I felt like it wasn't me, .....but for some reason I desperately wanted to be able to express myself in my art this way!!! I kept trying to force it, and as a result I really really hated what I was creating!

When I went on holidays recently I was DETERMINED, not to let this get the better of me! ....but it did!!!

It wasn't until last week when 3 things happened to make me wake up to myself!!!! and finally take a little of my own advice!!!

1. I read a particular blog post by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

2. I read Nathalie Kalbach's last newsletter

and, 3. I read a personal email sent to me by this fabulous creative, Suz Doyle

I am ever so grateful for these 3 creatives doing what they did in the time frame that they did, coz it gave me the insight that I needed - the slap up the side of the head!!! LOL :)

I love how the world/life has a way of doing that when you really need it!!!!

So what is the point to all this jibber jabber!?????

I am getting back on the horse and I will begin this blog afresh. and follow a little of my own advice, along with what Julie, Nat and Suz said!!!

What you may see me share here may not be the most fabulous art but it will be mine :)

As I am pretty time poor I may not always share how I created the page, but please don't be shy, drop me a line and hopefully I will get the time to get back to you if there is anything you want explained.

I won't be enabling the comments page, I just want to share my stuff and if you like, just take the time to look at it! :) Whilst it overwhelmingly warms my heart big time!! when you do comment it isn't what I need :) IYKWIM :) This will be a learning lesson come creative journey for me!

Cheers for now, and hopefully my first instalment of shares won't be as long as the last :)